Hero Arts Studio

is located in a small Northern Michigan town - was founded by Kathy Herioux in 2011. We specialize in resin art including: stainless steel bullet thermoses, 20, 30 & 32oz tumblers, serving trays and much more!. 

Resin Serving Trays - Hand Crafted from epoxy resin, wood and random objects. Each is unique and beautiful so be sure to visit our Store.

Stainless Steel Bullet Thermoses - These are shaped like Shotgun Shells and Bullets. They're hand crafted, painted, coated in resin and are customizable.

Stainless Steel Tumblers - These are also hand crafted, painted and coated in resin. They're available in 20, 30 and 32 ounce sizes.

The Stainless Steel Thermoses and Tumblers both hold hot or cold liquids and are customizable. For Custom Orders just send a picture and let us know what you would like for us to create!